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Prepare for your Canadian Certification in Family Medicine (CCFP) exam online today!

We have developed a comprehensive medical exam preparation course for all residents and practicing physicians facing their Certification in Family Medicine (CCFP) exam.

Our online CCFP prep course features interactive case-based questions that cover a wide spectrum of commonly tested family medicine topics.

This package contains access to 125 SAMPs (Short Answer Management Problems) with hundreds of clinically-based questions for the next 1 months. Every question has been written and designed by our team of Canadian family physicians to provide the most realistic CCFP exam experience possible.

The written component of the CCFP exam consists of SAMPs (Short Answer Management Problems), which are case-based clinical scenarios that are followed by several questions related to the patient in the scenario. In a SAMP, you are given a short introductory paragraph explaining the patient and the scenario, along with some pertinent information that will help you answer several follow-up questions.

Each scenario is based on a core family medicine topic, which could be anything ranging from asthma to obesity to headaches. The questions will test your knowledge on various aspects of the core topic, which may include asking about symptoms, physical signs, diagnostic investigations, and treatment. We have simulated this exam to allow you to excel and pass the real life exam.

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SAMPs - 1 month
$149.95 CAD

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